1. 30 Sep, 2021 2 commits
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  4. 13 Sep, 2021 1 commit
    • Timi Rautamäki's avatar
      SystemUI: Unblock gestural navigation on clearScreenshot() · b8404be7
      Timi Rautamäki authored
      If user powers screen off when partial screenshot UI is visible,
      it will hide the UI but leave gestural navigation disabled.
      Also the partial screenshot UI would be visible when taking a
      new (normal) screenshot.
      Change-Id: Ie8138bb0b771ec0e21ceb48e52872c05c946d3b4
  5. 12 Sep, 2021 3 commits
    • Kevin F. Haggerty's avatar
      Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r43' into staging/lineage-18.1_merge-android-11.0.0_r43 · 74544b9e
      Kevin F. Haggerty authored
      Android 11.0.0 release 43
      * tag 'android-11.0.0_r43':
        Use IntentFilter CREATOR directly for serializing ParsedIntentInfo
        Don't export HeapDumpProvider.
        Don't attach private Notification to A11yEvent when user locked
        Merge "BG-FGS-start while-in-use permission restriction improvement." into rvc-dev am: e51f884f6a
        Avoid locking profile task when it is already lock
        Improve ellipsize performance
        Fix side effects of trace-ipc and dumpheap commands
        DO NOT MERGE Add cross-user check for getDefaultSmsPackage().
        Remove ParsedIntentInfo CREATOR
        Fix race condition between lockNow() and updateLockscreenTimeout
      Change-Id: I6a9a3e341be1fccaa568b875d4d9959d8f068794
    • Chirayu Desai's avatar
      Revert "Revert "Detects all activities for whether showing work challenge"" · 1bbd5668
      Chirayu Desai authored
      This reverts commit 2992a1da.
      * This commit is present in android-11.0.0_r40, but not in
        android-11.0.0_r43 since that's on top of android-11.0.0_r39
      * Just revert this to match what's shipping in r43
      Change-Id: I8fe467db3bbf5aa40c10c4e1311829a733373279
    • LuK1337's avatar
      Disallow click to partial screenshot right after screenshot is taken · 6945498a
      LuK1337 authored
      This change prevents triggering partial screenshot when trying to take
      full screenshot of protected window.
      Change-Id: I42a67ed1ee34edffccc6dacd17ba1dffc8d194b3
  6. 08 Sep, 2021 1 commit
    • Deve's avatar
      Fixed a crash in settings in tts engine selection screen. · 5d4222ae
      Deve authored
      The crash happens when you try to uninstall current tts
      engine and install a different one and then engine name
      may be null.
      If engine name is null then you can't select new engine
      because of that crash, so that whole tts feature becomes
      Change-Id: Ie31a947eb6444242e8536db2dae1452ef74cc1ce
  7. 07 Sep, 2021 1 commit
    • Luca Stefani's avatar
      fixup! SystemUI: Show bluetooth battery level when available · 422769ab
      Luca Stefani authored
      The current update method is triggered in 2 cases:
        the SystemUI bluetooth controller changes device state
        the battery level changed intent is sent
      Sadly the current SysUI controller doesn't handle battery level
      changes, and is instead triggered in a few other cases ( ex audio
      state changed ).
      And since we use the data from SysUI controller for battery level
      from changes in the global bt controller we may have 2 different
      set of devices to work on. This could ( and does ) trigger
      race conditions.
      Instead add support battery level state changes within the SystemUI
      controller to work on the same data set.
      Change-Id: Ib57096fc2ebe151ac3860277a4db2319f230b514
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    • Kevin F. Haggerty's avatar
      Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r40' into staging/lineage-18.1_merge-android-11.0.0_r40 · ff0dd629
      Kevin F. Haggerty authored
      Android 11.0.0 Release 40 (RQ3A.210805.001.A1)
      * tag 'android-11.0.0_r40':
        Revert "Detects all activities for whether showing work challenge"
        Validate the ServiceRecord state while handling misbehaving FGS
        Block SAF directory access to /sdcard/Android
        [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Fix OOB write in noteAtomLogged
        [security] SubscriptionGroup is exposed to unprivileged callers
        Added nullptr check to pullFaceSettingsLocked
      Change-Id: I69b745b87b25b27f560dee3bf70b5ba56c7b461f
  13. 30 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  14. 27 Jul, 2021 1 commit
    • Tomasz Wasilczyk's avatar
      BACKPORT: Fix initialization of USER_ROTATION setting. · fa601425
      Tomasz Wasilczyk authored
      Until now, def_user_rotation was effectively a dead default:
      - added missing def_user_rotation -> USER_ROTATION first-run initialization
      - corrected the setting type when upgrading database
      Bug: 178000973
      Test: set def_user_rotation to 1 in default.xml and flash Pixel 3a
      Change-Id: If2aa9665a0167f696f6b16a16be48ac473271631
  15. 26 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  16. 24 Jul, 2021 1 commit
    • Sam Mortimer's avatar
      InputManagerService: Flag when an injected event is a real input · 8cee4033
      Sam Mortimer authored
      * Define new flag FLAG_INJECTED_IS_UNCHANGED
      * Check and set when a real input event has passed through a filter and
        not been modified.
      * Flag is used by inputflinger to determine whether or not to trust the
        injected event device id.
      Change-Id: I146ef94da347ad066d359b7faa83f43e2cf0d074
  17. 18 Jul, 2021 1 commit
    • Bruno Martins's avatar
      SystemUI: Expose camera and microphone icons to Tuner · 9d52e2bc
      Bruno Martins authored
      Specially for devices with very wide notches, it can be particularly
      useful for example to be able to disable location icon because it avoids
      missing the sight of wifi and network signal when GPS apps are in use.
      Original-Change-Id: I6abfa881fdd5afd523242dfb1e1178e6ac25cd45
      Change-Id: I4583962acb7aaea7ee95218da5c0ff3039e1c55e
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  23. 01 Jul, 2021 11 commits
    • Android Build Coastguard Worker's avatar
      Merge cherrypicks of [15164514, 15164515, 15164096, 15164078, 15163495,... · 2384fb32
      Android Build Coastguard Worker authored
      Merge cherrypicks of [15164514, 15164515, 15164096, 15164078, 15163495, 15164068, 15164480, 15164097, 15164098, 15164482, 15164698, 15164375, 15164485, 15164469, 15164730, 15164731, 15164732, 15164733, 15164734, 15164735, 15164736, 15164737, 15164738, 15163662, 15164486, 15164519, 15164699, 15164700, 15164487, 15164099] into rvc-qpr3-release
      Change-Id: I4020f23d9d9b511acc588327bc22d6ccd34a22b5
    • Winson's avatar
      Use IntentFilter CREATOR directly for serializing ParsedIntentInfo · f1c159e1
      Winson authored
      ParsedIntentInfo's CRFEATOR was removed because it exposes a
      reparcelling vulnerability. This adjusts a system API that relied on
      the implicit parcelling read to instead use IntentFilter directly,
      ignoring the fields contained in the subclass.
      Bug: 192050390
      Bug: 191055353
      Test: manual, cannot repro crash after patch
      Merged-In: Ib12e0a959eb5a5d73d5832ff2eee26a30eed5ded
      Change-Id: Ib12e0a959eb5a5d73d5832ff2eee26a30eed5ded
      (cherry picked from commit 7ac9b1da731bdf6ed2f34e22d5da7030bc0f7d21)
    • Kweku Adams's avatar
      Don't export HeapDumpProvider. · e9a6ebf5
      Kweku Adams authored
      Stop exporting HeapDumpProvider so apps can only access generated dumps
      when the user explicitly shares them.
      Bug: 184046948
      Test: capture system heap dump in developer options and confirm test app
      get SecurityException if it tries to access the dump directly, but gets
      access when the dump is shared through the notification flow
      Change-Id: Ibdca7cde4f563baa39163869289da5b79fc3a6db
      (cherry picked from commit a60c62bcb74e0146820f75f1da49581d1709b63c)
      (cherry picked from commit 260d0a85ddf986d41340980ef5abf0a878d65d9c)
    • Steve Elliott's avatar
      Don't attach private Notification to A11yEvent when user locked · 5f2616cc
      Steve Elliott authored
      Fixes: 159624555
      Test: manual, atest
      Change-Id: Ib44f1d3695d2b31bee4f8ccae3f948c83f3b40b6
      Merged-In: Ib44f1d3695d2b31bee4f8ccae3f948c83f3b40b6
      (cherry picked from commit 54fbccc2934eae844550d851480d5448c2542f1d)
      (cherry picked from commit 40574b32076bc1de5ef1a29daf693c3673e96ba1)
    • Hui Yu's avatar
      Merge "BG-FGS-start while-in-use permission restriction improvement." into rvc-dev am: e51f884f6a · d5b1cf49
      Hui Yu authored
      Original change: https://googleplex-android-review.googlesource.com/c/platform/frameworks/base/+/15081994
      Bug: 183147114
      Bug: 183204439
      Test: atest cts/tests/app/src/android/app/cts/ActivityManagerFgsBgStartTest.java#testStartForegroundTimeout
      Test: atest cts/tests/app/src/android/app/cts/ActivityManagerFgsBgStartTest.java#testSecondStartForeground
      Change-Id: Ieaaa70884cd11cfa460ec2be6db5e40856ffccef
      Merged-In: Idc88f274c7a323d175d65bb47eca041772ae9bb7
      (cherry picked from commit fd02546e52841dcd0ec194f70baa58cc377505ec)
    • Louis Chang's avatar
      Avoid locking profile task when it is already lock · ba984d1c
      Louis Chang authored
      WorkLockActivity was started repeatedly on top of the
      task that contains work apps when turning screen on
      and off over and over. So, lots of the WorkLockActivity
      instances were created and added in the task, which
      caused system sluggish.
      Bug: 177457096
      Test: manually test work challenges
      Test: RootWindowContainerTests
      Change-Id: Iac345471ef3badad6b9e5c0cc2873c60938663eb
      Merged-In: Iac345471ef3badad6b9e5c0cc2873c60938663eb
      (cherry picked from commit 805585ed1baa0ddeeab07aa1f77819333a73c93d)
      (cherry picked from commit db7d06c52903b8dccb7e8d9976a23c366430a42e)
    • Seigo Nonaka's avatar
      Improve ellipsize performance · ed0c637a
      Seigo Nonaka authored
      Instead of iterate all ellipsized characters, only iterate the necessary
      ranges for copying.
      Bug: 188913943
      Test: atest CtsTextTestCases CtsGraphicsTestCases CtsWidgetTestCases
      Change-Id: I3d03b1e3897e427c23fbe51315f412c57a4ce9e9
      (cherry picked from commit 2c6121f3e3c52965ae33317e4fe7a273fd1742c6)
      (cherry picked from commit 40d7a4535aba93073264bf8998daf588f0923986)
    • Christopher Tate's avatar
      Fix side effects of trace-ipc and dumpheap commands · 4241ab5e
      Christopher Tate authored
      These shell commands were implicitly deleting any client-named file for
      which the system uid had deletion capability.  They no longer do this,
      instead using only the client's own capabilities and file manipulation
      Bug: 185398942
      Test: manual "adb shell cmd activity dumpheap system_server /data/system/last-fstrim"
      Test: atest CtsPermissionTestCases:ShellCommandPermissionTest
      Change-Id: Ie61ab2c3f4bfbd04de09ca99c1116d1129461e8f
      (cherry picked from commit 76e8e04703cb49a4984145a18f4552c4bcf72172)
    • Hai Zhang's avatar
      DO NOT MERGE Add cross-user check for getDefaultSmsPackage(). · 7f39ba09
      Hai Zhang authored
      Bug: 177927831
      Test: atest RoleSecurityTest
      Change-Id: I1254804fb72a299e782d45f938acdf979a82f904
      (cherry picked from commit cf1bd25a37123624688f9965608a48d362ab4eb0)
    • Winson's avatar
      Remove ParsedIntentInfo CREATOR · 49cb41f9
      Winson authored
      Its existence allows implicit readParcelable calls to invoke a Parcel
      operation with mismatched read/write data sizes, allowing someone to
      swap out the data on a reparcel.
      Internal classes will use writeIntentInfoToParcel, so this is safe to
      Bug: 191055353
      Test: atest com.android.server.pm.test.parsing.parcelling
      Change-Id: I44faa635faf8a77894a3dda8adf89c10064e53f1
      (cherry picked from commit 75214cc510c62f936a713c2da3d0a54db9405957)
    • Jorim Jaggi's avatar
      Fix race condition between lockNow() and updateLockscreenTimeout · 372088d7
      Jorim Jaggi authored
      If updateLockscreenTimeout gets called before the Runnable queued
      from lockNow gets executed, lockNow request will be ignored. Fix
      this by not clearing out the runnable if it's pending lock request.
      Test: Switch user, ensure lockscreen comes up
      Bug: 161149543
      Change-Id: Ie486396fd7328edf8ca0912df92524bb82a1fb7f
      (cherry picked from commit 875fa991aac0f3bbd5c66327408ceae60a24a6b3)
      Merged-In: Ie486396fd7328edf8ca0912df92524bb82a1fb7f
      (cherry picked from commit 9c8b1512a532478dea055d82ad6a49d53a9f31b1)
  24. 24 Jun, 2021 1 commit
  25. 19 Jun, 2021 2 commits
    • Utkarsh Gupta's avatar
      Allow screen unpinning on devices without navbar · c230fe4a
      Utkarsh Gupta authored
      Change-Id: Iedfc08f4d95bbee3c8578c0d2450b90739e63603
      Screen Pinning: Show correct text for on screen nav.
        Similar to I09c2ef661bff272cb4f7ca43bac0e45f4b20a4d4,
        we're not getting an instance of PhoneWindowManager which
        we can rely on to update dynamically.
        TICKET: OPO-393
      Change-Id: Iacf8221066461fb6940dd88432e665812545c3ff
    • Bruno Martins's avatar
      SystemUI: Expose location icon to Tuner · e3bb0af5
      Bruno Martins authored
      Specially for devices with very wide notches, it can be particularly
      useful for example to be able to disable location icon because it avoids
      missing the sight of wifi and network signal when GPS apps are in use.
      Change-Id: I6abfa881fdd5afd523242dfb1e1178e6ac25cd45